Guiding in your own pace when you visit new places!  Listen to hidden stories and useful information right where you are!

How it works!

Main menu
Main navigation menu, access guides list, map and app settings.

Guides list
Here you find all available routes, sorted in order with the routes closest to you appearing first.

The content is available in various languages. Professional tellers voices are used in all routes, to give the listener the absolute best learning experience!

Route front-page with information about the chosen route. Download and activate to enter the route/map.

Map view
You are now set to go. Hopperguide content will now play automatically when you are inside the radius of each pinned location. Many routes have remote-play functionality. This enables for example classroom learning, exposing students to a universe they are used to learn, absorb and navigate in.

On the spot information presented with pictures, audio and text. Audio can be paused, rewinded, and fast forwarded. Scroll down to read the text and follow links for more information about the specific attraction.