The App

With Hopperguide you get location based travel information tied together into interesting routes and roundtrips.

Information will be presented through sound, pictures, text and links at the right time and at the right place. When you turn on the app, you can search for routes accessible at your location, you may also search and download trips from other locations prior to your arrival.


Hopperguide uses audio to tell you the story about the location where you are present.


Photos speak more than words.. Every Hopperguide location is also presented with photos, to ensure you that you are on the right spot.


Hopperguide works offline. No extra roaming cost or data traffic. Download Hopperguide locations to your phone in advance and you are all set to go!

Google Maps

The app uses Google Maps. Detailed map of your chosen area. The Hopperguides are marked in the map for easy access.


The audio voiceover also can be read. Every Hopperguide location has written text with local information.


Hopperguide knows where you are. When you are near a Hopperguide location, the information will start automatically.